Dallas District Entertainment LLC



Presented by Dallas District Entertainment, LLC (DDE) & Allay Fund 

Design District Entertainment (“DDE”) is pleased to present our newest offering, DDE is investing $7.5 million in; which holds 100% interest in 134-170 Pittsburg St. Dallas, Texas 75207, which is located in the Dallas Design District. Eclectic yet sophisticated the Design District is a key piece of Dallas culture and fine dining. This Diamond property has limitless development opportunities. With 77,000sqft of commercial space available on on 3.12 acres of land; this is truly a remarkable development opportunity. Of the 7.5 million dollars invested; 5.5 million will be used as a down payment; the additional 2 million in funds will be used to transform the current commercial space into a mixed retail center.  This investment is conservatively underwritten by DDE up to 75% and the development company will retain 25% once a milestone is reached of 100% + 10% of initial investors capital distribution (milestone goal is within two years).

DDE has a strong conviction of the investment for the following reasons:

  • Committed Leases – Cle Group Dallas is committing to 10,000sqft end cap lease. Second committed lease is a Skating Rink of 25,000sqft.
  • Elite Operating Partner & Brand – DDE has curated the best talents to create and develop the mixed-use retail center to ensure a high demand of lease opportunities. There will be approximately 42,000sqft of desirable lease space available
  • Interest Only Loan Commitment – DDE is committed to a 5.5 million dollar down payment and has secured an interest only loan for the remaining balance of 10.5 million over the course of 24 months.
  • Permanent Financing – DDE will implement permanent financing within 24 months to ensure we maximize our ROI to our committed investors.
  • Appraisal Value Goal – With the financing goals achieved at current market rate our appraisal will allow for an increase of 45% from the initial purchase price.

DDE currently has $2.5 million of DDE commitments and $5 million of remaining capacity for this investment.  Funds for this investment will be due on or before October 14th, 2021.  We plan to have the offering available with complete syndication documents by October 1st. 2021.

We look forward to answering any questions you have and working with you on these investments.


Investment Highlights

Status Currently Syndicating – DEADLINE OCTOBER 14th
Type of Offering  Regulation PE Investment
Issuer Design District Entertainment , LLC
Type of Offering  Regulation PE Investment
Type of Securities Revenue Sharing Note
Multiple  Up to 2.5x
Revenue Sharing Percentage  2.5%
Maturity  24 months